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I just submitted my first animation into the Flash portal, hopefully it at least passes so I can see some of the reviews. For anyone interested it's "hedgepig's first".

By the way if anyone knows where to get a nice tablet (not too schmancy) let me know, im in the market for one.

Finally, I added something back.

Google isn't helping, and I need it bad

2008-10-15 20:23:21 by Hedgepig

I have always had a "how do they DO that?!" attitude towards New Grounds. I've been perusing this sight for about five years and only recently had the balls to join and attempt to make a flash (inspired mainly by Adam Phillips, Stamper, JohnnyUtah, Lazy Muffin, whoever did "The Composer", and a select few more) but there's one problem. This stuff is HARD, and CONFUSING as all get out.
I need some sort of direction in this flash world, I love to sketch characters I feel would have a certain home here but that means next to nothing when you find yourself as lost as I am. Any tips, if there is a video I should check out that could help, a DVD or a program, hell even hardware, any sites that could foster an imagination hindered by lack of knowledge would be great.

Seriously, I would love to join the ranks of the greats here at NG, but I've hit a snag before I even got going and can't seem to get loose.

Thank you for helping or at least reading.
Hopefully you'll see a flash of mine someday.